Studying in the UK can cost less than you think. The course fees you pay include all the benefits that UK study brings – better English, work experience, developing career-relevant skills, living in a culturally diverse society, and making new friends and contacts. A UK education is a unique experience that you can’t put a price on.

International student course fees vary depending on what you are going to study in the UK and for how long. We’ve put together some information on the average cost for each type of UK course. Please note these are indicative costs only – you should check with institutions directly for their exact fees.

UK undergraduate and postgraduate course fees

You’ll get great value for money from a UK education no matter where you choose to study. The figures below show approximately what you can expect to pay, but course fees vary considerably between UK institutions.

Average undergraduate UK University course fees per year:

1. Foundation courses: £7,000 to £12,000

2. Arts courses: £8,000 to £13,000

3. Science courses: £8,500 to £14,000

4. Clinical courses: £10,000 to £16,000

Average postgraduate UK University course fees per year:

1. Arts and humanities courses: £8,000 to £12,000

2. Science courses: £8,500 to £25,000

3. Clinical courses: £10,000 to £24,000

4. MBA: £9,000 to more than £18,000

Your UK course fees don’t just cover lectures, seminars and practicals. You’ll also have access to:

1. college libraries and data archives

2. extensive research resources

3. modern computer facilities

4. science and practical laboratories

5. workshops equipped with state-of-the-art equipment

6. fantastic sports facilities

7. personal tutors and experienced, professional support services

8. leading thinkers, practitioners, academics and researchers

9. music rooms, film and drama studios, animation suites and other creative facilities

As an international student in the UK, you’ll also benefit from a modern, independent and multicultural learning environment.

English language course fees for international students

The fees you pay for an accredited English language course vary considerably. It depends on the type of course you study and the English language school you study at.

For a week’s English language course you could pay anything from under £200 to over £1,000. It depends on where the course is, what additional benefits it includes, and whether it is for general English or something more tailored. You can find fees for most English language courses in our course search.

Some non-accredited English language schools offer courses at very low prices. However, you will make more progress learning English in the UK on a high-quality accredited course. The British Council will only show you details of accredited English language courses.

UK independent school fees for international students

Independent school fees in the UK cover your course fees, accommodation and some extra-curricular activities. You should check exactly what is included with the school. You may be asked to pay extra for English language tuition.

Fees vary from school to school and are at the discretion of the UK institution. You should expect to pay a minimum of £8,000 per year and fees can be as high as £28,000.

You can contact us to find details of UK independent school fees.

UK career-based and pre-university course fees

As with any UK course, the fees you pay for career-based and pre-university courses vary considerably. The figures below show the average course fees per year:

1. AS and A-levels: £4,000 to £17,000

2. BTECs and other vocational: £4,000 to £6,000

3. HNC/HNDs: £5,000 to £10,000

4. Foundation Degrees: £7,000 to £12,000

5. International Foundation courses: £4,000 to £17,000

You can contact us to find fees for most UK career-based and pre-university courses.