• Bachelors level education in USA is costlier than Masters level. Students are expected to take more credits per semester, which leads to an increase in costs.
  • Average cost of tuition and fees is approx. $10,000-20,000 per year, depending upon program, institution and location.
  • Living expenditure would add up to another $8,000-10,000 per year, according to the students lifestyle.
  • Financial Aid is very rare for Bachelors level international students. While there are several options like Federal Stafford Loans and others for domestic students, such facilities are not available for non-domestic applicants.
  • Since Bachelors is a four-year program, the costs tend to be very high overall. This is one of the reasons why most students prefer studying from the Masters level in USA or elsewhere. Of all the international students, only 19% of them went for the Bachelors level as against 79% for Masters level!
  • It is not easy to support oneself with part-time employment since the program is intensive and students hardly find time to work beyond their study schedules. Also, Teaching and Research Assistant-ships are available for Masters level and not for the Bachelors. Thus, part-time employment options are limited and returns from the same, meager.

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