Point Based Visa System

UK has adopted best visa system to give prospective student a peace of mind in opting UK as study destination. Overall 40 Points are required for entry clearance or visa approval. 30 Points are awarded for having a valid CAS issued by a licensed sponsor. In addition 10 points are given for fulfilling the Maintenance (Funds) requirement. Points can be obtained by providing all relevant and accurate information along with visa complete visa application.

Top destination for international students

The UK is fast emerging as one of the most popular study destinations for education in the world. There are numerous factors, which prompt international students to pursue their education in the UK. UK education equips students with unparalleled academic and professional skills and augments their personal development with an unforgettable cultural experience.

World-class qualification

The education system provides facilities such as international student’s societies planned social activities, academic support, and academic counselors. UK has one of the lowest ‘drop out rates. UK qualifications are recognized and respected throughout the world. Quality standards for UK institutions are among the best in the world. Universities, colleges and schools continually have to prove that their courses meet strict criteria. Many other countries are now trying to follow the example of the UK.


UK’s undergraduate degrees can take three years and postgraduate master’s courses only one year compared with four years and two years in most other countries. This means you will save a great deal on both tuition fees and living costs and you will be able to start working and earning money sooner. UK degree courses are shorter because they are more intensive, and therefore more efficient in terms of your time and money.


Health care is often free for international students. You are likely to be able to take advantage of National Health Service (NHS) treatment, as well as reduced-cost medicines, dental treatment and eye tests.


Communication is the key and where better can you learn more of this language? You will only become better at it during your stay. Effective networking is a super added benefit because of the English language which must help you in the future.


Name a course at any level and the UK has it on offer, with quality. Most UK courses are very industry focused, thus justifying your investment. Students could specialize in anything from marketing, finance, logistics, computer games programming, ocean engineering, satellite positioning technology or sound engineering to multi- media design, anthropology, cross-cultural psychology, hotel management or dance. Have you heard about art history or genetic counseling? Or have you ‘witnessed’ anyone studying ‘pottery’?


UK is probably one of the safest places to study in. You will find one odd relative living in the UK somehow. But even if you do not, Institutions are always there to help. Did you know that even healthcare is free for international students on a course of more than 6 months duration?